Call Center Jobs: Building a Customer-Driven Career

Are you a person who hesitates to take up tele sales/marketing or simply a call center jobs? you are not alone ‚we as a recruitment  company know it & the reason is because  lot of job seekers are afraid of a job which requires them to call or attend a call from an unknown person. if you are one of them then read on this article.

what is the  first thing comes in your  mind if you face issues with mobile phone, computer or any services? you will call up the customer care of the company and report the problem and the executive who receives your call will hear you patiently and note down your complain.

After your problem get solved you might also receive the call from the executive for feedback who will inform you about new product or services the company has launched welcome to the world of call center jobs.

Call centers are mainly of two types one is outbound which is also known as telesales or telemarketing and the other is (inbound) customer care/service.

Tele sales/ marketing call center jobs

The terms itself says it all, how much a company try to endorse a product or service digitally but we as a human prefer a human who can help to understand the product or service in a better way.

Telesales executive sits at one place( call centre) and market & sell the product over phone nationally and globally following a simple process of calling the client known as cold calling.

Customer support  call center jobs

No matter how good a product or service is there is always chance of issues/defect with it, and that’s when customer support executive comes in picture.

You face any issue regarding a product or any service you call up the customer care/service and your problem gets resolved.

How a call center job will build the foundation of your career

Every company looks for certain basic qualities in a candidates, if you dnt have these qualities your chances of being hired is low, below is the list of basic qualities

Good communication skill
Listening skills
Problem solving skills
Handling complaints

You can acquire these qualities through working in call center job.

Next time you get a job offer in call center as tele caller please dnt hesitate to take up the job it will build your foundation for career ahead. Careerscall center jobstele calling jobstele marketingtele salestelecalling jobs

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